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Arbitration for Leadership - PARB

5 days
This course is designed to provide local union representatives with a detailed guide on how to investigate and write up grievances, and prepare for arbitration. Participants will learn how to consider, negotiate and implement settlements of grievances, and how to present a grievance at arbitration.
Paid Education Leave (PEL)



Canada & the World - PCW

5 days
This course will reflect on our connections to workers around the world and look at some alternatives to the environmental, political and social problems we face
Paid Education Leave (PEL)

Climate Change and Our Jobs -PCCOJ

5 days
This newly revised course we will discuss strategies that will put public interest above corporate interest; a strategy that recognizes the threat of climate change; and one that sees Canada capture a larger share of the new jobs and growth spawned by the global shift to renewable energy.
Paid Education Leave (PEL)

Collective Bargaining - ACB3

3 days

The 3-day Collective Bargaining course focuses on developing a strategy, setting priorities, and working cohesively in a committee

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