Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour

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The trade union movement was built by the struggles of working people -- including Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour.

Unifor advocates for these workers, and encourages their full participation in union life through local union committees, regional council committees and the Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour (BIWOC) Caucus. Unifor also holds national and regional Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour conferences.

Download Unifor’s year-round racial justice poster for your locals and workplaces.

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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 

A diverse group of social activists with the text "International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination"

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed on March 21. This important day is an opportunity to empower people of all races, to reflect on past mistakes and work towards a future of equality. As a union, we must inspire inclusion and work to eradicate discrimination in our workplaces and our communities.

In 2023, our March 21 message is: “Our thoughts, our words, our actions.”

Unifor has created posters and social media sharables to recognize March 21. 

Download the poster here.

Download social media graphics to share and remember to use the #Unifor4RacialJustice hashtag. 

Download social media graphics here.

Across the world, organizations and workplaces will be preparing to honour this important day through a wide range of activities and events. On March 21, provide a space for individuals to reflect on their perspectives and beliefs on racism and look for events to participate in near you. 

Thinking about, learning about, or discussing racism is uncomfortable but necessary, and all require honest personal reflection and commitment to action. This important day is not a celebration, but one that remembers the 1960 Sharpeville police massacre of peaceful demonstrators in South Africa, who were protesting against the apartheid “pass laws.” 

Through our understanding as a union, we want to make transformative change in in ourselves, in the workplace, in our union and in society as we reflect on the event and identify instances where people still experience racism.

Hang these posters in your workplace all year round. Continue to support the over 200 Racial Justice Advocates that have been bargained into workplaces across Canada and continue to bargain these roles into your collective agreements. 

These important union representatives are working hard to eliminate racial discrimination and are building solidarity in communities across the country.   

Don’t forget to let us know if your local is planning an event or a workplace action on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Send information and event photos to @email.

Orange Shirt Day

Locals are encouraged to host events or to join community events marking September 30. Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity to unite with First Nations, governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope.

Unifor recognizes that to move toward recognition and reconciliation, Indigenous children must know that they are loved and valued. Download this poster (PDF) and share the message below to spread the message of support.

October 4. National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

On October 4th, Unifor asks it members and allies to stand in solidarity with Indigenous families and communities to honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls whose lives have been cut short by violence.

Read the Statement.

Unifor encourages every person in Canada to support the awareness-raising activities of the Native Women’s Association of Canada on October 4 by creating and sharing messages of support. Once the messages are shared online, it is asked that the messages be combined on a display wall and a moment of silence held to honour the lives lost and those still living with the pain.

Download and print the template at: Share the completed messages of support using #MMIWG and #Unifor.

Locals can display their commitment to challenging the systemic violence that continues to target Indigenous women and girls by printing the, “Justice. Awareness. Respect.” poster and shareable below.

National Aboriginal Day

Unifor is committed to challenging colonialism and working towards reconciliation. On this, National Aboriginal Day, Unifor calls on the federal government to take real, measurable actions towards reconciling our past with our future. Supportive words alone are inadequate. The federal government must immediately provide equal funding for on-reserve child welfare systems and end the discrimination against Indigenous children. Read the full statement.

Download the poster (PDF)

Unifor BIWOC Committee Representatives

British Columbia Region: Morteza Maleki (Local 114), Jessie Rana (Local 111), Toby Stewart (Local 333-BC)

Prairie Region: Astrea Sam (Local 2002), Dean Carvery (Local 773), Don Wren (Local 1-S)

Ontario Region: Dina Roushanroz (Local 2458), Carrie Moffitt (Local 229), Donovan Nezbeth (Local 26)

Quebec Region: Marie-France Fleurantin (Local 62), Mohamed Gadi (Local 98), Lionel Ngoket (Local 175-C)

Atlantic Region: Japna Sidhu-Brar (Local 4005), Fredeick Riley (Local 4606), Lorna Bowden (Local 2289)


Unifor is committed to representing all of our members and creating safer and fairer workplaces for AWOC union members.

Unifor Policy on Racial Justice

Asian and South Asian Heritage Month

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