Anti-scab legislation now!

Unifor is calling for anti-scab legislation in every jurisdiction in Canada. While a federal Liberal – NDP alliance has committed to introducing federal anti-scab legislation by the end of 2023, Unifor wants this legislation sooner.

Fix Employment Insurance

A well-functioning EI program can bolster good jobs in the economy and provide income security for all.

Safe Rates Campaign

Paying a driver a “safe rate” means they are paid fairly for all labour time and can make enough to take care of family and take appropriate breaks and time off, enabling them to be alert and focused while driving. If a driver owns their own vehicle, a safe rate must be calculated that covers the costs of purchasing, maintaining, and operating it. Safe Rates systems legally obligate the companies at the top of road transport supply chains to enforce these rates and can be found around the world including in Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil.

Reproductive Justice Now!

Reproductive rights are fragile and we must work together to protect and expand access to sexual and reproductive health care.

Repeal Bill 124

The cost of living is rising, but public sector workers can’t get ahead.