Reproductive Justice Now

Reproductive rights are fragile and we must work together to protect and expand access to sexual and reproductive health care.

Protect NB Policy 713

Premier Blaine Higgs is rolling back queer and trans rights in New Brunswick, and workers must stop him.

Help Is Here: Confronting Harassment In Journalism

Unifor has responded to the rising harassment faced by journalists and media workers, exacerbated by political polarization and online anonymity, by launching the Help is Here website. Developed in collaboration with Unifor journalists and media members, the site provides a platform for support, drawing on their expertise in negotiating and creating workplace anti-harassment procedures.

Repeal Bill 124

Join the Repeal Bill 124 campaign to fight against Ontario's unjust wage suppression and infringement on bargaining rights. Bill 124 disproportionately impacts women in vital sectors like education and healthcare. Despite their pandemic heroism, the law enforces a 1% compensation cap, hindering fair wages. Workers have rallied against this through direct action and lobbying. Now, let's demand Premier Ford repeals Bill 124, acknowledging the dedication of public sector workers and ensuring fair compensation and workers' rights in Ontario.

Stop Selling SaskTel Jobs: No Contracting Out

Scott Moe's government is quietly dismantling SaskTel through a concerning surge in contracting out. Almost 1,000 jobs have been outsourced to external entities, despite the government's claim of "no lay-offs." This outsourcing occurs when unionized workers retire or move on, resulting in substandard wages and training from external firms.

Stop Contract Flipping at Canada’s Airports

The practice of contract-flipping involves subcontracting out services and changing service providers every few years, as a way to unjustly cut back on employees, reduce and stagnate wages and limit employees' rights in order for the contracting company to save costs and increase profit.

Get Canada Back On Track

At a time when Canadians are clamouring for green public transport solutions and a transition to a low-carbon economy, passenger rail service in Canada is regrettably facing monumental challenges: privatization, service and funding cuts, outdated equipment and poor infrastructure are causing a decline in ridership, an increase in operating costs and are putting safety at risk.

Our Telecoms, Our Jobs

Despite benefiting from public subsidies, Canada's telecom industry routinely send jobs overseas. This outsourcing contradicts the efforts of generations of Canadian telecom workers who built our community infrastructure. It's time to redirect public investments to support local telecom jobs, not offshore endeavors. Together, let's ensure a future of quality jobs in our communities.