Just weeks before the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, New Brunswick’s provincial government announced plans to roll back some of a critical policy that keeps queer and trans students safe and respected in schools.

The policy at risk, Policy 713, sets minimum requirements for school districts and public schools to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and affirming school environment for all students, families, and allies who identify or are perceived as LGBTQI2S+.

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The government has no mandate for this sudden, regressive policy review from voters.

The Premier Higgs and Minister of Education Bill Hogan have made increasingly hateful and alarming comments against the need for teaching and protecting inclusion in schools.

Unifor’s position is clear: schools must be safe for all students and workers. LGBTQIA+ students deserve to learn in peace and safety. Growing up trans of queer is not something that should be avoided, hidden, or punished.

It is a fact of life and in today’s hostile culture, queer and trans people should be celebrated and welcomed in all aspects of work and society.

Minimum standards like those set out in Policy 713 ensure that schools are safer spaces and signal the government’s priorities and position to the wider public.

We call upon all members to join the fight and stop this rollback of human rights in New Brunswick.

Use the form below to connect with your MLA and call the Premier or Minister of Education now!

  • Office of the Premier: (506) 453-2144
  • Premier Blaine Higgs, Constituency Office: (506) 848-5422
  • Minister of Education Bill Hogan, Constituency Office: (506) 277-6020
  • Search for your MLA's phone number: Legislative Assembly of NB

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