Unifor Social Justice Fund

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Unifor is committed to social justice in Canada and around the world

Unifor is dedicated to tackling the social and economic conditions that contribute to injustice and inequality to improve the lives of workers, families and other marginalized communities in Canada and around the world.  One way we fulfill this commitment is through the Unifor Social Justice Fund. 

The Unifor Social Justice Fund works in solidarity promoting, collaborating and supporting national and international NGO’s, community organizations, advocacy groups and trade unions in their efforts to strengthen democracy, promote equitable development, provide humanitarian assistance, reduce economic insecurity and support human rights. 

For more information about the Social Justice Fund, please contact @email


The Unifor Social Justice Fund (SJF) was established with the formation of Unifor in 2013, through the merger of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Social Justice Fund and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) Humanity Fund.

The SJF is a registered charity that is governed by our Board of Directors (which includes officers of the union as well as prominent Canadians).  Funds are negotiated by our members during collective bargaining with employers, calculated either on a cents-per-hour-per-worker basis, or as a lump sum.   In this way, workers signify that social justice is a key priority and that by collectively working together, unions, employers and civil society groups, can make impactful and meaningful positive change to build a better world.

Over the past decade, the Unifor Social Justice Fund has supported over 290 international projects in over 60 countries, including across Canada, supporting programs and initiatives around protecting human and workers’ rights, supporting gender equity and women’s rights, promoting water justice, supporting access to education, improving health care services, fostering community development, providing emergency aid and disaster relief, and much more. We also help support organizations and community group through donations, including annual donations made to food banks and women’s shelters across Canada.


Organizations and groups must submit donation requests and project proposals in order to be considered for support. Project proposals should include:

  • Background on the organization and any partnering organization(s) (if applicable);

  • Description of the project, including project activities, goals and outcomes;

  • Project timelines;

  • Project evaluation and monitoring methods;

  • Overall project budget and amount requested;

  • Other project funders (if applicable);

  • Organization contact information, including address, phone number and email address, as well as a project contact person;

  • Any additional information that you feel would be pertinent to your application, including annual reports, financial statements, letters of support, etc. 

Please email completed proposals to @email.

For more information on submitting an application to the Unifor SJF, please take a look at our FAQ guide. 

The next deadline for proposals will be September 2, 2024


Download a copy of our annual reports and learn more about the projects and initiatives that the Unifor Social Justice Fund supports each year.

2023 Annual Report (Coming soon)

2022 Annual Report