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Unifor for WestJet

The organizing campaign at WestJet was started by WestJet employees who want good jobs and secure futures for themselves and their families.

As WestJet employees, did you know that you work side-by-side with Unifor members every day in airports across the country?

Unifor members share your hope for fairness in the airline industry and its ever-changing workplaces. This is why WestJet customer service agents have begun a campaign to organize with the help of Unifor members and organizers!

We know that WestJet customer service agents are proud of their contribution to a successful and growing company. However, agents have told us that they have watched the non-union company association (AEA) fail to get real improvements on workplace issues. This is why WestJet customer service agents have reached out to Unifor, a union with experience representing over 7,500 customer service agents across the country who work for companies such as Air Canada, Jazz and Porter.

By working together with Unifor and other WestJet agents, you can negotiate a legally binding collective agreement that works for you. This will allow you to continue building on the success you have achieved at WestJet and get the workplace you want.

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