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Grievance Handling and Workplace Leadership - OLGHWL3

3 days

Are you a Chairperson, Steward or a Committeeperson? Would you like to develop or sharpen your skills? The role of workplace representatives is critical to our union strength – it is a rewarding and challenging job.

Online Education



Mental Health Matters-OLMHA1

1 day

This is an important program for union representatives and local union officers who want to learn how to support and represent members who are living with mental illness, including addiction.

Online Education


Pay Equity - Federal, for Pay Equity Committee Members (Online) - OLPAYF3

3 days
This online 3-day program will provide Federal pay equity committee members with the information, skills, and tools needed for their role. The pay equity process can appear overwhelming, but we are confident that participants will feel ready to take it on after our training.
Online Education