So, You're a Workplace Rep... Now What? (Mini Self-Directed Module) - OLWPNW


Whether you have been a workplace rep for a while, are new to the role or considering running for a position, this course has something for you. 

The role of a workplace rep is a big one; it’s multi-dimensional. The role requires being the face of the union, defending members’ rights gained through collective bargaining and political action.

To be an effective workplace rep means developing a real connection with members. It also means tackling the tough stuff – like representing members who have been injured at work, faced discrimination, or had their collective agreement rights violated. Fortunately, there are many supports for workplace reps to help address these and other challenges.

This course is meant to provide a starting point for learning about acquiring key knowledge and skills for effective workplace representation. This course focus on the following topics: 

  • Understanding grievances and related legal requirements
  • Introduction to workplace health and safety
  • Human rights at work
Program Duration
30 Minutes
Program Type
Mini Self-Directed Module
Online Education