The COVID-19 pandemic has gone on longer than many of us expected, or hoped. The toll on many of has been great as we were separated from loved ones, and possibly struggled with declining income or added pressures at work.

This page is your guide to the resources and information you need to navigate these times over the long haul - whether than means continuing to rely on government COVID relief programs, work from home, ease your way back into work or your workplace was never shut down.

This site is divided into several tabs to help you find the information you need:

  • Resources, where you will find resources for applying for government aid, webinars and more
  • Updates, where you will find press releases, statements, new resources, releases and more, listed in chronological order
  • Health & Safety, which includes the resources you need for safely returning to work and ensuring a safe workplace, including mental health supports
  • Local Resources, which contains resources for Local union leadership and Health & Safety reps as they work with employers on COVID-19 protocols in their workplaces
  • Sector Updates. Each industry has specific needs during the pandemic, and this tab is meant to provide sector-specific information
  • Regional Information. The further we get into the pandemic, the more regional differences are emerging in our responses. Find out what the situation is in your province or territory.

One thing we have learned since the pandemic began is that things are constantly changing as we learn more about the virus, so be sure to check back regularly to this page as we update the resources under each of the tabs.

If you have any questions that have not been answered on this page, feel free to reach out via the contact information to the right on your screen.

We all look forward to a stronger and healthier future. Until we get there, it is important that we all work to support one another. Be sure, as well, to check out Unifor’s campaigns for a stronger future, including:

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Five health care workers on the job in full PPE raise their fists in solidarity.

Unifor has developed a number of documents and online tools to help address your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, including how to apply for income supports, how to return to work safely, dealing with associated stresses and mental health issues, staying safe in your own home and more.

For information specifically on income supports during the pandemic, including Employment Insurance and special pandemic income programs, please see the Income Supports tab of this website.

As vaccines begin to roll out across the country, Unifor is also examining the legal and ethical issues surrounding the roll out – including your rights and making sure vaccines go first to those who need them most.​ Check out the Vaccines tab on this page for more information.

Be sure, as well, to check out the other tabs on this website for more information on resources for Locals, Health and Safety, Regional and sector-specific information.

As we address the on-the-ground needs or our members, Unifor is also campaigning to ensure governments and industry are doing their part to ensure a speedy and equitable recovery, including:

Keep checking back regularly. The documents throughout this page are updated regularly as programs change and new ones are announced.

Education Department webinars

Sign up for Unifor’s Education Department webinar sessions here

Special Recovery Benefits

The federal government has set up several special programs

  • Canada Recovery Caregiver Benefit

The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) gives income support ($500 each week, for a period up to 26 weeks) to employed and self-employed individuals who are unable to work because they must care for their child under 12 years old or a family member who needs supervised care. Click here for more information.

  • Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit

The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) gives income support ($500 each week, for up to 2 weeks) to employed and self-employed individuals who are unable to work because they're sick or need to self-isolate due to COVID-19, or have an underlying health condition that puts them at greater risk of getting COVID-19. Click here for more information.

  • Canada Recovery Benefit

The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) gives income support ($1000 every 2 weeks, for up to 26 weeks – or 13 eligible periods) to employed and self-employed individuals who are directly affected by COVID-19 and are not entitled to Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. Click here for more information.


Domestic violence and the workplace during the pandemic

Safe at home. Safe at work. End domestic violence. Shareable.

Public Health Canada is your most reliable source for medical information about COVID-19 prevention measures, symptoms, and preparedness plans. You will find a complete list of resources including updates on the government's responses on their website.


Renaud Gagné wears a mask while receiving a vaccination from a health care worker in a mask and faceshield.

As vaccines begin to roll out across the country, Unifor is also examining the legal and ethical issues surrounding the roll out – including your rights and making sure vaccines go first to those who need them most.

The virus has hit Canadians disproportionately, exposing inequities across our society. We cannot stand by and allow the vaccine rollout to follow this dangerous precedent.

You can help build support for vaccines by adding a frame to you Facebook profile picture saying "I'm getting vaccinated." Just click here to update your profile photo.

On April 6, 2021, Unifor National President Jerry Dias sent letters to every provincial premier in Canada calling for time off for workers to be vaccinated, and for paid time off if they have COVID-19 symptoms, to help stop the spread of the virus. You can read the letters here:

Unifor will continue to post new materials as they are developed and to act on your behalf to ensure a smooth and equitable rollout. For now, please see these documents:

The federal government and each of the provinces and territories have developed vaccine roll out plans:

NEB Statement on Vaccine Certificates and Considerations to Guide the Re-Opening of Canada’s Economy

NEB Statement on Comprehensive Workplace Immunization Programs and Mandatory Vaccinations

Health & Safety

Your safe return to work is a top priority at Unifor. Your union is committed to ensuring safe workplaces for all it members, and the COVID-19 pandemic has added an entirely new level to this commitment.

This page is for COVID-19 related health and safety issues only, for other health and safety issues, please see our Health and Safety page here.

On this page you will find the information you need to return to work safely. Be sure to check back regularly for updated information and new documents.

Local leadership and health and safety reps are also encouraged to check out the Resources for Locals tab to help you fulfil your responsibilities.

Health & Safety resources

A diagram showing proper handwashing technique for reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Local and Sector Tools

Unifor’s Locals are on the front lines as we work to ensure the safety of our members throughout this pandemic. This page is meant to help Local leadership and health and safety reps as they navigate this new and fast-changing environment.

On the page, you will find the resources you need to work with your employers to ensure safe working places for your members, as well as information specific to your sector.

As always, your National union is year to provide the supports you need. Your National Representative can help you access any additional resources you may need.

Be sure to check back regularly for new documents and updates, and the check out the Health and Safety tab on the website.



The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on every workplace across this country – but the nature of that impact changes from sector to sector.

Below are resources you need to address specific needs in your sector.



  • Auto and IPS COVID-19 Memo









  • RailLine COVID-19







Regional Information

As we move further into the COVID-19 pandemic, provinces, territories and regions across Canada have implemented their own pandemic response plans to address to local needs and to keep their resident safe.

This page is meant to help you find the information you need for your part of Canada, or to help you if you are considering a move to another part of Canada for work or to visit family.


Income Supports

Unifor has developed a number of fact sheets to help workers navigate the many new federal government programs to help Canadian struggling during the pandemic. Below you will find fact sheets on how Employment Insurance and new income programs apply to workers in various circumstances, from full-time workers to gig and seasonal workers.

These programs are being updated regularly, and Unifor is monitoring all these changes to keep these fact sheets up to date, so check back regularly.

Unifor FAQs: Income Assistance, Wage Subsidies, and Other Benefits

Be sure also to check the Regional Information tab on this website for information related to your province or territory.

As well, on the Resources tab, you will find additional information about caregiver benefits, sickness benefits and the Canada Recovery Benefit.