Since the second round of pandemic pay was announced effective October 1, 2020, many frontline workers have been disappointed to find out that they were not covered.

Unifor was the first union in Ontario to make a public demand for Pandemic Pay on April 17, 2020 launching a video and an online petition. Our position has been that any worker who is subject to the Emergency Orders should receive pandemic pay.

While we applaud pandemic pay for personal support workers, so many frontline health care workers are excluded from the pay.

We are extremely disappointed that many workers are excluded from the pandemic pay, especially in the hospitals, long-term care homes, retirement homes and EMS. It seems unthinkable that some frontline workers are excluded from the pandemic pay, even while some have been self-isolating, going weeks without seeing their families to protect them.

Unifor will continue to fight for the inclusion of all workers to be entitled to the pandemic pay and for fair pay.

Please use the form below to send an email to your MPP, the Minister of Health and your MPP, demanding pandemic pay for all.

Unifor is committed to our continued efforts to win pandemic pay for all.