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Speak Up for Education Workers

On March 28 Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s government emailed school boards announcing a 14 per cent cut ($128 million) to the education system. 

A funding cut this deep could translate into 20,000 layoffs of education assistants and other support staff that help make Alberta’s schools high-quality.

The effect of widespread education sector layoffs on children will be felt acutely during a time when parents and teachers are already struggling to meet students’ needs in a new and challenging environment. Far from being disposable, education support staff are critical to the delivery of high-quality education.

Alberta doesn’t need knee-jerk reactions that do more harm than good. We deserve creative ideas about how to maximize the talent of our education workers. Unlike ever before, we have technology to enhance the remote education experience. Let’s take advantage of our strengths, not create new weaknesses. 

CLICK HERE to send a message to your MLA.

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