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Newfoundland and Labrador’s part-time work problem

Part-time work is nothing new to Canadians because employers have long exploited a gap in our employment standards that allows them to discriminate...

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Goodbye, Don Cherry, and good riddance

Every era must come to an end, and thankfully the end has come for Don Cherry’s.

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Requiring streaming giants to invest in CanCon isn’t complicated: it’s the law

Today, the Disney+ streaming service becomes available in Canada, hot on the heels of Apple+, which launched on November 1st. Many are celebrating...

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Unifor proud of its role during the federal election

We aren’t a shy bunch at Unifor - and that was certainly proved true during last month’s federal election.

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Minority government an opportunity for progressives

Let the negotiations begin. With the election of a minority Liberal government Monday, the new federal government will need to work with progressive..

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Get ready for Kenney’s attack on workers

When Jason Kenney walks back into the Alberta Legislature, he’ll be carrying with him plans to reverse decades of progress for working people.