New union will change political discourse in Canada


Windsor Star
September 4, 2012

The by-design, mean-spirited, kick ‘em when their down approach to politics by the right wing ideologues in this country toward workers, women, the unemployed, the under-employed, young people, seniors and all those in society that are feeling incredibly vulnerable, is incomprehensible.

The formation of a new union between the CAW and CEP, with its combined membership of 300,000 workers from coast to coast, will change the political discourse in this country. Our bold vision provides space in the new union for those among us who need a hand-up through no fault of their own and who have no voice.

PM Stephen Harper, Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall to name a few, are falling over each other to appease their friends on Bay Street and in the country’s boardrooms while trying to silence the majority of us on Main Street.

Collectively, we will not be silenced.

ROLAND KIEHNE, president, CAW Local 112 and CAW national executive board member, Toronto