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President's Message

In the midst of pandemic, bold action is required

We are living in unprecedented times. The Covid-19 pandemic exposes the strengths and weaknesses of public health systems around the world.

President's Message

#IWD - The fight for equity never ends

Jerry Dias reflects on International Women's Day, achievements toward equity, and the work that lies ahead.

President's Message

Jason Kenney’s austerity budget disaster

Premier Jason Kenney’s second budget sends a clear message to working people that they don’t matter.

President's Message

In the Co-op dispute, the company can’t be let off the hook

By now, the entire country is aware of the ten week long lockout at the Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) refinery in Regina...

President's Message

Helping workers means more than money for severance and tuition

The final day for Northern Pulp workers doesn't look hopeful for workers.

President's Message

The fight for Co-op Refinery workers is everyone’s fight

Last week I witnessed something I have not seen in my 40 years walking picket lines across Canada.