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Pipeline exporting crude isn’t good for Canada, job creation

A recent editorial from a handful of construction unions (“Northern Gateway pipeline needed to enrich...


Union takes a stand for future young aerospace workers

If you don’t go to Abbotsford often, you may not have noticed 24-hour-a-day picket lines...

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New Resolute collective agreements covering 2,000 workers

Canada needs a forestry policy, Jerry Dias says in this Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal column.

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Job plan latest reason to defeat Hudak

If Tim Hudak is elected, Ontario will see unprecedented job cuts, healthcare cuts, education cuts and the decimation of workers’ rights.

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Chipping away at the cultural mosaic

Rogers Broadcasting Limited is right now asking the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (our national broadcast regulator) to rewrite the rules governing ethnic television in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta – and not to the benefit of ethnic communities...

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Inspired by today’s members, and tomorrow’s

This past week, it has been my incredible honour to stand beside workers – members of Unifor, and those working to join – as they stood up for their rights and for a voice in their communities...