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This is a Labour Day unlike most others—and not just for the obvious reasons

What’s new about this Labour Day is the increasing rate at which workers are standing up for themselves, especially at the bargaining table.


Security in times of crisis: fixing Canada’s Employment Insurance program

COVID-19 has sparked an important conversation about the nature of decent work and the inadequacies of Canada’s social safety net that is long overdue


Energy workers still waiting for federal relief

The speed and depth of the economic downturn inflicted by the COVID-19 crisis has been unprecedented. The Canadian economy took a 9% hit to its gross


Kenney is wrong: our children still need education workers during the pandemic

On the afternoon of Saturday March 28, timing that leaves no doubt he was seeking to avoid as much media scrutiny as possible, Alberta Premier


NL workers deserve better than poverty wages

Employers that refuse to offer workers an hourly wage of at least $15 are sentencing their employees to poverty.


Newfoundland and Labrador’s part-time work problem

Part-time work is nothing new to Canadians because employers have long exploited a gap in our employment standards that allows them to discriminate...