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I spent more time in jail than Scott Moe

Scott Moe killed somebody. I stood up for the rights of working people. I spent more time in jail.

President's Message

Recent tariffs on Canadian aluminum are senseless and hurt American interests

The Trump administration announced in late July that 10 per cent tariffs on primary aluminum imports from Canada would be levied once again.

President's Message

Through this pandemic, workers will exercise their power

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many hard-truths about the state of Canada’s economy in 2020.

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Time for a cautious return to air travel

How open our communities depends on which province we live in – and beyond that which country or region.

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Canada must retaliate against the US over aluminum tariffs

Against any semblance of good judgement, the United States is on the verge of yet another trade war with Canada by slapping a new round of tariffs...

President's Message

Canada must oppose any reimposition of unfair aluminum tariffs

News reports now suggest that the Trump administration is likely to grant the APAA request by reimposing 10% tariffs on Canadian aluminum exports...