Right to Disconnect - Sample Language

SAMPLE LANGUAGE Article XX.X Right to Disconnect X.1 While digital tools allow employees the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time, an always-connected work culture carries important...

Pandemic Pay LOU - Sample Language

SAMPLE LANGUAGE Letter of Understanding Special Payments to Members during a Declared Public Health Emergency Should government declare a public health emergency in an area where [workplace/facilities...

Paid Emergency Leave Days - Sample Language

SAMPLE LANGUAGE Article XX.X Personal Emergency Leave Days X.1 All seniority employees shall be entitled to ten (10) personal emergency leave days payable at one hundred percent (100%) of an employee...

Workers at 20 Ontario Food Basics stores reach tentative agreement

TORONTO–Unifor Local 414 and Food Basics have reached a tentative collective agreement, covering approximately 1,400 workers at 20 southern Ontario Food Basics stores.

“The pandemic proved how much we rely on these essential workers,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “This contract delivers concrete gains to build on as Unifor continues its work to improve standards and provide the respect that grocery workers deserve.”

Unifor reaches tentative agreement with Brink's Canada Ltd.

TORONTO–Unifor has negotiated a tentative collective agreement with Brink's Canada Ltd. on behalf of more than 900 workers in British Columbia and Ontario.

"These armoured car drivers and messengers continued to provide services to banks, stores and ATM’s to keep our economy running throughout the pandemic,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias. "I congratulate representatives from 12 Unifor locals on uniting to negotiate improved conditions for workers across both provinces.