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Document Resource Content of Region Ontario

Elections Act - Campaigning under New Rules

Elections Act - Campaigning under New Rules

Political overview: Where Ontario Parties Stand on Key Issues

Presentation by Jordan Brennan to Ontario Regional Council 2017: Ontario’s Political Parties - Some Reflections on Their Policy History

Bill 148 gains

Presentation by Bill Murnighan to 2017 Ontario Regional Council: Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act 2017 …winning progress through political action.

Ontario Regional Council By-Laws

Ontario Regional Council By-Laws

Election Act - Campaigning under new rules

Ontario Provincial Election Contributions 2018 What you need to know.

Unifor by the numbers - Ontario

Unifor by the numbers in Ontario, representing 162,800 members.

GE advisory committee report

The report, commissioned by a committee of former GE employees and sponsored by their union Unifor, confirms what the workers and their community have been saying for years...

Municipal Resolution on Softwood Lumber Dispute

Submit this motion of support for Canada's softwood lumber communities to your municipal government.

Break the Silence. Protect Temporary Workers.

Members of the EDCC and the South Asian Women’s Rights Organisation (SAWRO) recorded these stories to tell their experience and show why labour reform and stronger employment standards are urgently needed in Ontario.

Northern Hospitals bargaining highlights

Highlights of the tentative agreement between Local 229, Local 1359 and Ontario Hospital Association...