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Planning for your Future

This course is designed for anyone who wants to plan for retirement, even if it’s 20 years away.

Women Activists Program (3-day)

This course covers a wide range of issues, such as women's work, history and activism, and how we can work towards equality.

Women's Advocate - Basic

This 40-hour course is for Advocates who have been selected or elected under a bargained Women’s Advocate program.

Women's Advocate - Update

This annual three-day update course for Women Advocates is to keep you up to date on the evolving area of intimate partner and domestic violence.

Unionism on Turtle Island

Unionism on Turtle Island is a course in which we will explore the shared history between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

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Compensation for Ontario Workers - Level 1 (formerly WSIB – Level I & II)

This course is an introductory program designed for Ontario members who are new to the field of workers’ compensation but want to develop the skills and knowledge to represent injured workers in the initial stages of a claim.

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Health & Safety Certification 1 - BC

This introductory course will introduce new committee members to the basic principles of workplace health and safety. Unifor has developed this course to meet the standard and the 3 important changes to the WCB Regulation that became effective April 1, 2017.

Resisting Abuse - a course for BC Transit Workers

Unifor is working to stop the epidemic of workplace violence against transit workers and road transport workers in British Columbia. Workplace violence means physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse that occurs in the course of any work-related duty.