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Pay Equity - Ontario

5 Days

Did you know?

…Ontario has one of the highest gender pay gaps in the world – a shocking 29%.  For every $1.00 earned by men, women earn just 71¢.

…The most vulnerable women – Aboriginal women, women of colour, racialized or immigrant women, women with disabilities and women without a union in their workplace – face an even greater wage gap.  Racial minority women earn 36% less than men and Aboriginal women earn 54% less.

…Women have much higher poverty levels than men.  Women are more likely to work for minimum wage.  Children are poor because their mothers are poor.  When you scramble every month to make ends meet, losing 29¢ for every dollar a man is paid is devastating to a family’s budget.

…Discriminatory pay affects Ontario women throughout their lives.  Young women (high school graduates) earn 27% less than male graduates.  Female university graduates earn 16% less than their male counterparts and this gap widens as their careers progress.  42% of elderly women are poor and the median income of retired women is almost half that of retired men.

The Pay Equity training program will provide hands-on knowledge to assist participants to gain a better under-standing of our union’s obligation under the Ontario Pay Equity Act.  Participants will be asked to develop a mock pay equity plan that will provide them with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to achieve and maintain pay equity.  The plan will then be evaluated to ensure it meets all the requirements needed to fulfill the union’s ethical and legal obligations under pay equity legislation.