Unifor represents 2,200 members in this fascinating, diverse, but often-overlooked segment of our overall transportation system. Canada is a major coastal power, yet governments have consistently underinvested in our marine transportation infrastructure. Important groups of Unifor members in marine transportation include public ferry services (such as Marine Atlantic and Northumberland Ferries), Great Lakes shippers (such as Algoma), and various support services (including the workers who run the St. Lawrence Seaway, and marine communications and traffic service officers of the Coast Guard).

Building solidarity across borders

More than 140 union leaders and activists from several countries gathered for the first ever North American Solidarity Project Conference.

Prevent Cancer Campaign

We encourage all of our Unifor activists all Canadians to understand the dangers of this killer disease. In most instances, cancer can be prevented if

Retired workers play growing role

The role of retirees in the union is growing, and vital to the union;s work, Unifor’s annual Retired Workers Council heard