MWF-Local 1 members at Marine Fabricators get 25% wage increase over 5 years

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MWF-Local 1 bargaining committee members

Members at Unifor MWF-Local 1 at Marine Fabricators in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, ratified a new collective agreement that mirrors wage increases won by their counterparts at the Irving Shipyard on the other side of the Halifax harbour, securing nearly 25% in wage increases over the term of the contract.

“Skilled trades workers are in high demand and the wage increases won by Marine Fabricators members of MWF-Local 1 recognizes the skilled labour they provide,” said Shannon Sampson, President of Unifor MWF-Local 1. “I congratulate the bargaining committee for their principled work in bargaining on behalf of the membership.”

Highlights of the five-year agreement include:

  • Respectful workplace language and anti-harassment language
  • Increase to RRSP from 4% and 4% company match to 5% and 5% match
  • Life insurance increased from $50,000 to $150,000
  • Increase to medical plan
  • Major enhancements to bereavement leave
  • Retirement bonus
  • Night and backshift premiums
  • Vacation accrual improvements
  • Ability to split vacation days (Up to 15)
  • Added a floating holiday

Wage increases are on the following schedule:

  • July 1 2022 – 15.8%
  • July 1 2023 – 2.33%
  • July 1 2024 – 2.27%
  • July 1 2025 – 2.22%
  • July 1 2026 – 2.17%

“We’re pleased the membership supported this agreement and that we were able to achieve so much during this round of negotiations,” said Shannon Sampson, President of Unifor MWF-Local 1.