New webinar series to shape Unifor's visions for Canada’s economic recovery

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This pandemic has tested the limits of our already underfunded social services, and revealed cruel realities about government priorities.

Across the country and around the world, workers are questioning the current economic order that benefits corporations and the rich at the expense of working people’s well-being and even health.

After this crisis, Canada has an opportunity to build a better society. To guide our work, the Unifor has crafted a Road Map for a Fair, Inclusive and Resilient Economic Recovery.  We want to share this Road Map with members, and hear your ideas on what positive economic and social  change can look like.

Please join us for a series of webinars to discuss the concrete policy changes that Canada must implement in order to Build Back Better.

June 15 Webinar #Buildbackbetter: Build Income Security Programs that Protect All Workers. RSVP.

June 16 Webinar #Buildbackbetter: Rebuilding the Economy through Green Jobs and Decarbonisation. RSVP.

June 17 Webinar #Buildbackbetter: Rebuilding Canada’s Critical Infrastructure. RSVP.

June 18 Webinar #Buildbackbetter: Rebuilding Canada’s Domestic Industrial Capacity. RSVP.

June 19 Webinar #Buildbackbetter: Building Corporate Support Packages that Put Workers First. RSVP.

Space in each session is limited, so RSVP to reserve your spot. Sessions will run separately in French and English. To register for the French events, please use the links below.

French Sessions:

Webinaire 15 juin #Rebatirenmieux: Mettre en place des programmes de sécurité du revenu qui protègent tous les travailleurs et travailleuses. RSVP.

Webinaire 16 juin #Rebatirenmieux: Rebâtir l’économie en mettant l’accent sur les emplois verts et la décarbonisation. RSVP.

Webinaire 17 juin #Rebatirenmieux: Rebâtir les infrastructures essentielles du Canada. RSVP.

Webinaire 18 juin #Rebatirenmieux: Rebâtir la capacité industrielle intérieure du Canada. RSVP.

Webinaire 19 juin #Rebatirenmieux: Mettre en place des programmes de soutien aux entreprises qui accordent la priorité aux travailleuses et travailleurs. RSVP.