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Tackling Anti-Indigenous Racism in Media Coverage

The portrayal of Indigenous people in the media reinforces stereotypes and fuels anti-Indigenous racism, which has an impact on how people are treated and valued...

Restarting the Economy: What media workers need to know

The media sector faced a number of significant challenges before the COVID-19 crisis struck, including the loss of advertising revenue to digital giants like Facebook and Google, cutbacks and closures of local and regional news outlets, the rise of “fake news” and resultant erosion of quality journalism, and massive loss of employment through layoffs, closures and restructuring. The global pandemic has shown us the critical role high-quality, locally-focused journalism plays in informing the public and holding those in power accountable. In fact, readership has skyrocketed since mid-March, and TV viewership has increased by nearly 50%.

COVID-19 Mental Health Guide

One out of every five Canadians will experience mental illness in normal times. It is both okay to feel out of sorts because of the global COVID-19 crisis. During the pandemic, we must normalize, listen to, and empathize with those experiencing distress.

Applying for employment insurance: a how-to guide for Unifor members

During this extraordinary economic situation, workers may be applying for regular EI benefits for the first time. For some applicants, the process can be challenging. To assist, Unifor has prepared the following “How-To” guide that takes you through the online application process, step-by-step.

Fact Sheet: Protecting Workers From COVID-19

What protections and precautions you can expect from your employer to protect you from COVID-19.

What the Coronavirus (COVID-19) means for media workers

What the Coronavirus (COVID-19) means for media workers

Journalism is in Crisis

Journalism is in Crisis

Unifor Media Policy

Document Resource Summary: The Unifor Media Policy aims to encapsulate the union’s position on various matters relevant to Canada’s media industry. It is a document developed by the Unifor Media Industry Council, in coordination with staff, and has been informed by the experiences, insights and ideas of Unifor members.

Aboriginal and Workers of Colour outreach poster Legal

Aboriginal and Workers of Colour outreach poster legal size

Unifor by the numbers

Unifor has 315,000 members working in every major sector of the Canadian economy. This is a profile of Unifor members by the numbers.