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Ford Stellantis GM Pension Plan Number 1

Ford, Stellantis, GM Letter - Pension Plan Number 1

Ford Canada Letter - Pension Plan Number 1

Ford Canada Letter - Pension Plan Number 1

Unifor Local 88 Comprehensive Bargaining Report 2021

Summary of the 2021 tentative agreement between Unifor Local 88 and General Motors

What union representation looks like for Canadian autoworkers

This document provides several examples of the roles and responsibilities of negotiated union representatives commonly found in Unifor-represented auto assembly plants.

Unifor membership numbers at Detroit 3 facilities 2020

Unifor Members at Detroit 3 Facilities July 2020

Canada's Auto Industry Fast Facts 2020

Fast facts and background information on Canada's auto industry.

Restarting the Economy: What manufacturing workers need to know

More than 300,000 manufacturing workers lost their jobs or were put on temporary leave between February and April 2020. Most of these workers were put on leave due to pandemic related restrictions and many expect to return to their jobs once the pandemic subsides.

COVID-19 Mental Health Guide

One out of every five Canadians will experience mental illness in normal times. It is both okay to feel out of sorts because of the global COVID-19 crisis. During the pandemic, we must normalize, listen to, and empathize with those experiencing distress.

Applying for employment insurance: a how-to guide for Unifor members

During this extraordinary economic situation, workers may be applying for regular EI benefits for the first time. For some applicants, the process can be challenging. To assist, Unifor has prepared the following “How-To” guide that takes you through the online application process, step-by-step.

Fact Sheet: Protecting Workers From COVID-19

What protections and precautions you can expect from your employer to protect you from COVID-19.