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Aboriginal and Workers of Colour outreach poster Legal

Aboriginal and Workers of Colour outreach poster legal size

Unifor by the numbers

Unifor has 315,000 members working in every major sector of the Canadian economy. This is a profile of Unifor members by the numbers.

New member booklet

New member booklet

Major Auto Sector Profile

Facts and figures from the Major Auto Sector...

Independent Auto Parts Sector Profile

Facts and figures from the independent auto parts sector

Update on Auto and NAFTA

What's the problem with NAFTA? Read Unifor's update and find out.

Government Benefits 2016

Government Benefits 2016

Equity calendar list 2018

2018 Equity calendar list

A plan to build our strength together - Recommendations and action plan from the IPS auto parts task force

IPS task force report

All In! Organizing Campaign Toolkit

Organizing is a challenging, long-term, exhilarating and incredibly rewarding process, both for the workers involved, their new local union and for the national union who welcomes new members. Everyone has an important role to play in exposing non-union workers to the benefits of engaging in the process of joining the union. Whether you are a rank and file member, elected leader, or staff, there’s something you can do. The All In! Campaign is meant to encourage everyone to play an active and helpful role in organizing new members and to give you tools and ideas to do so.