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Labour Market Insights – March 2021

Labour Market Insights – March 2021

Unifor’s Submission to the Federal Government’s 2021 Pre-Budget Consultation

The public health response to the coronavirus pandemic has led to the most severe economic downturn in at least 60 years. Rebuilding the economy will take an equally unprecedented effort.

Labour Market Insights – January 2021

Labour Market Insights – January 2021

Sample Language Racial Justice Advocacy and Supports

Establishment of a Racial Justice Advocate and Anti-Racism Action Plan

Unifor Economic Review of Eastern Canada’s Pulp and Paper Sector

This presentation provides an economic review of the pulp and paper sector presented to the Unifor Eastern Pattern Wage Policy Conference held in Montreal February 2018.

Government Benefits 2018

Government Benefits 2018

Political overview: Where Ontario Parties Stand on Key Issues

Presentation by Jordan Brennan to Ontario Regional Council 2017: Ontario’s Political Parties - Some Reflections on Their Policy History

Bill 148 gains

Presentation by Bill Murnighan to 2017 Ontario Regional Council: Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act 2017 …winning progress through political action.

Understanding Carbon Pricing

What is the purpose of carbon pricing?

Understanding climate change

What is climate change?