Pass Anti-Scab Legislation Now!

Unifor members are organizing to see the timely adoption and implementation of Bill C-58, the long-anticipated anti-scab legislation prohibiting replacement workers in federal workplaces. The rights of working people to bargain collective agreements and to strike when necessary are protected under the Canadian Constitution. Adopting Bill C-58 immediately will bring the law up to date to reflect our Constitutional right to strike.

Fix Employment Insurance

A well-functioning EI program can bolster good jobs in the economy and provide income security for all. Urgently implementing permanent reforms, including extending temporary measures retroactively, broadening eligibility criteria, and enhancing financial support, ensures immediate relief and long-term sustainability. These reforms address diverse needs, promote inclusivity, and fortify the EI system against future uncertainties, creating a robust safety net for workers.

Fund Durham Region Transit

Without clear continued commitment to the Transit Service Finance Strategy, Durham Region Transit will fall farther behind the transportation service needed to keep the region vibrant and productive.

Good Jobs For Grocery Workers

What is happening with Canadian grocery stores? It’s no secret that grocery stores are fundamentally changing. There are less staff, more self-checkouts, and CEOs are making more than ever. Yet, grocery stores are looking for more ways to increase profits and cut costs—often at the expense of workers.

Save Local News

Journalism and local news are a public good. They are the foundations of a working democracy, and any attempts to undermine them must be seen as attempts to erode and destroy our democratic and free society.

Warehouse Workers Unite

Unifor believes that warehouse workers across the country deserve the best health and safety protections, fair wages, better working conditions, and respect on the job. Unifor launched the Warehouse Workers Unite campaign to bring warehouse workers together to address common issues and join forces to raise industry standards.