Young workers

Skill-building Tips for Young Union Activists

If you feel like you’re crumbling under today’s challenges, you’re not alone. It’s exhausting to live through these unprecedented times. For many workers, every day brings new challenges and news that...
Young workers

Unifor webinar inspires young workers to mobilize in 2022

Our future is worth the fight. But so is our present day.

That’s a key message young workers took away from a Unifor webinar held Feb. 24, 2022, which encouraged union workers under 35 in Ontario to take action and make positive change with not only within workplaces, but in government.

Young workers are fighting back,” said Naureen Rizvi, Unifor’s Ontario Regional Director during the Zoom meeting.

Young Workers Profiled: Luis Castro

Luis Castro is a member of Local 62 and works at the Hotel Intercontinental in Montreal. He talks to us about retirement security and the reasons why young people should get involved in collective bargaining.

What is the main issue facing young workers?

In my sector, there were quite a few layoffs due to the pandemic, so of course access to good jobs is a very important issue. People want stable, well-paid jobs and they want to be recognized for their skills.

World Day for Decent Work Artwork

A series of affirmations to unite the young and old

To mark this year’s World Day for Decent Work, we enlisted a freelance graphic artist by the name of Hana Shafi, also known as Frizz Kid, to help us develop three collective affirmations from a young workers’ perspective.

Shafi is known for her colourful and vibrant style and those elements are on full display in the artwork she created for us.

Here are details about each affirmation and what it means:

Young Workers Profiled: Tanika Chaisson

Tanika Chaisson is a member of Unifor local 707-A in Fort McMurray, Alberta and a member of the Prairie's Young Workers Committee member. She spoke to us about the importance of increasing the number of young workers who are unionized.

What do you think is an important issue for young workers today?

Young workers are facing many challenges, not just one. They are all a piece of a much larger puzzle. If I were to choose one, I would say unionization rates in Canada and across the globe.

Young Workers Profiled: Japna Sidhu-Brar

Japna Sidhu-Brar is a member of local 4005 and works at the Discovery Centre in Halifax. She is Unifor's Atlantic Racial Justice Liaison, and she spoke to us about why she thinks climate change is one of the most important issues facing young workers today.

Young Workers Profile: Nikki Lyons-Macfarlane

In a lead up to the World Day for Decent Work on October 7, 2021, we are speaking to five Unifor young workers to learn more about them and the issues they want to see addressed to ensure a bright and equitable future for all.

Our Future Is Worth the Fight!

Throughout this pandemic, our union has developed new ways for members to gather, organize and fight for a world that works better for workers.

Unifor young workers are no different.

#IWD - The fight for equity never ends

On March 8 we celebrate, we mourn and we double down on our determination to do more. 

International Women’s Day this year comes on the 50th anniversary of two important events – the abortion caravan to Ottawa and the Royal Commission on the Status of Women.

These landmarks are worth celebrating, even as we recognize the work that still needs to be done.

Members of Unifor’s predecessor unions were involved in the caravan, which began in Vancouver and made its way to Ottawa to push back against changes to Canada’s Criminal Code on abortion.