Unifor members vote to strike at Manitoba Hydro

WINNIPEG—Manitoba Hydro Utility Service’s management’s refusal to grant the public sector pattern wage increases has led to an overwhelming strike vote at Unifor Local 681.

“If Manitoba Hydro intends to widen compensation gaps within its workforce, we’re going to have a problem,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “Local 681 members will have the support of Unifor members from coast to coast as they pursue a fair contract.”

Unifor working to mitigate impacts of possible Fort Nelson gas plant closure

FORT NELSON—Unifor has received six-months notice of a possible closure or partial-closure of the Fort Nelson Gas Plant (FNGP) from North River Midstream and is working with the company to ensure severance provisions are followed in the event of a closure.

The notice is a requirement of the Unifor National Energy Pattern Bargaining Agreement. 

“It is concerning news and we will work hard to ensure that our members receive appropriate severance and related accommodations,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. 

Letter regarding Enbridge Gas Reduction in Shifts

Her Worship Olivia Chow
Mayor, City of Toronto

Dear Mayor Chow,

Re: Enbridge Gas Reduction in Shifts (SM35669)

Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector union, is writing to express our concern regarding proposed cuts by Enbridge Gas that may negatively affect the safety and increase costs for residents of Toronto.

There are two issues affecting Toronto:

Unifor sounds alarm over Enbridge Gas cuts to emergency response

TORONTO—Enbridge Gas’ proposal to eliminate the evening and overnight emergency response shift will jeopardize the lives of customers and nearby residents, says Unifor.

“The disregard for public safety is breath-taking,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “If the company does not have enough workers to fulfil critical emergency roles, it is because it has laid off too many workers in pursuit of returns for shareholders.”

Local 530-A members begin mobilization for bargaining

More than 100 Unifor Local 530-A members turned out April 24 to leaflet the gates of their workplace at the Shell Scotford facility in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. The energy workers are raising the profile of wage gaps between their facility and Shell Scotford's competitors.

“Implementing the gains from the national pattern agreement is a top priority for Unifor,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “Whatever efforts the members at Shell Scotford undertake to secure the pattern, they have the full support of Unifor.”

Energy workers meet to update pattern bargaining process

Unifor and its predecessor unions have bargained a national pattern in the energy and chemical sector since 1965. Over the last year, many members identified ideas for updating or modernizing the process, and Unifor’s energy and chemical sector council convened a meeting in Calgary during April 9–11 to amend the program.

Quebec Director Daniel Cloutier opened the meeting with remarks that described how profitable the sector is in 2024, and that the national pattern should stay ambitious to ensure the workers are getting their fair share of the profits.