Unifor is Canada’s largest union for telecommunications workers, representing 24,600 members across the country, in both the private and public sectors. Technological advances in the telecommunications sector have led to expansion into new services by traditional carriers. Unifor members work as telephone, cable and internet installers, maintenance and repair workers, operator service provides, satellite monitors and in call-centres, salespeople among others.

Atlantic and Clerical members united as Bell delays release of information

Bargaining Update: Bell Aliant and Bell Clerical Negotiations

The commencement of bargaining for both Bell Aliant and Bell Clerical continues to be delayed.

Failure to Disclose Information

Before entering into fair negotiations, your union needs to receive information about displacement of work from our bargaining units, both on shore and off shore. As everyone is aware, both units have seen a consistent reduction in membership.

Bell’s unwarranted position on Maintenance of Activities delays opening of Atlantic and Clerical negotiations

Bargaining Update: Bell Aliant and Bell Clerical Negotiations Delayed

The kickoff dates for both Bell Clerical and Bell Aliant negotiations are delayed because of the company’s attempt to use the Maintenance of Activities provisions of the Canada Labour Code, 87.4(1), to take away workers’ power.  Bell Clerical was set to begin on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 and Atlantic was scheduled for Thursday, October 14, 2021.

Four Unifor members die in matter of days

Four Unifor members in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick passed away in less than a week, with at least three of the deaths work related and two due

Telecom workers happy to work from home

A membership survey conducted in the fall 2020 found that the majority of workers in teleco are happy to work from home during the pandemic.

Bell Craft Bargaining

Bell Craft Bargaining for 3520 telco members, fighting for job security and respect at work.

Bell Expertech, it’s Time!

1,000 workers at Expertech are fighting for the future of work! Bell Expertech contracts out the work of Unifor members