Unifor members at Expertech vote overwhelmingly in favour of strike mandate

TORONTO - Unifor members employed by Expertech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Canada Enterprises Inc., expressed overwhelming support for a strike mandate.

Technicians supported the measure by 93.4%, while clerical workers voted 81% in favour of strike action. The vote, which achieved a remarkable 86% turnout, demonstrates the willingness of workers to stand up for their rights.

Bell terminates workers on virtual group meetings

TORONTO – Hundreds of Unifor Bell telecommunications members are being terminated on virtual group meetings today, just a day after Unifor rallied in Ottawa to call out Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. (BCE) for cutting thousands of jobs across the country while continuing to rake in profits and increase payouts to shareholders. 

Unifor calls out Bell on ducking accountability for job cuts

OTTAWA –Unifor rallied in Ottawa today to call out Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. (BCE) for postponing a scheduled hearing before the House of Commons Heritage Committee to answer for the recent termination of 9% of BCE’s workforce.

Unifor members at Zayo ratify contract with largest wage gains since 1980s

Unifor Local 2000A members have overwhelmingly ratified a new four-year agreement with their employer, Zayo, an American telecommunications company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The agreement, reached after rigorous negotiations, marks a significant milestone as they achieved the largest wage gains in nearly 50 years.

Unifor launches “Shame on Bell” campaign leading up to March 19 testimony by company execs

Unifor has launched its new “Shame on Bell” campaign today in response to the telecommunications and media giant’s callous decision last month to slash 4,800 jobs, including 800 of our members in telco and media.

“We promised Bell a fight and they are going to get one,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “Our union is not standing by idly while this company hands out pink slips, while profiting billions. Workers who have helped grow this company from the ground up are not disposable.”

Lana Payne’s message to Bell Canada Enterprises

“Bell has chosen to put profits over people in the middle of an affordability crisis. Bell, you have now put Unifor squarely on your path. You need to know our members recognize a fight when they see one. And so do I,” Unifor National President Lana Payne warns Bell Canada Enterprises following the termination of 4,800 workers, including 800 Unifor members in telecommunications and media. 

Bell axes workers while lining pockets of shareholders

TORONTO – Unifor is outraged about today’s announcement from Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. (BCE Inc.) to cut 4,800 jobs – 9% of its workforce – affecting 800 of the union’s members, while deliberately putting shareholders ahead of workers with increased dividend payouts.

Scott Moe is overseeing record job losses at SaskTel

SaskTel is a Crown corporation held in high regard for its customer service and province-wide coverage. Under the Scott Moe government, it has been experiencing a troubling trend: the gradual but steady contracting out of union jobs.

This shift, marked by a reduction of approximately 300 good jobs in the last four years—10% of the unionized workforce—poses a threat not just to workers but to the very ethos of what a Crown corporation represents in Saskatchewan.

Contracting out at SaskTel are not isolated incidents but part of a broader, worrying pattern under the Sask Party.