National Day of Action for Safe Rates: Sept. 22, 2023

Unifor has joined more than 50 trade unions representing road transport drivers around the world calling for “Safe Rates” systems, which they say will improve workers' rights and make roads safer.

Anti-Scab Legislation

While Unifor applauds the introduction of long-anticipated anti-scab legislation prohibiting replacement workers in federal workplaces, there is still work to be done. Unifor is concerned about the 18-month delay before the legislation takes effect, is seeking amendments to the bill and continues to urge provinces and territories to introduce their own anti-scab laws.

Fix Employment Insurance

A well-functioning EI program can bolster good jobs in the economy and provide income security for all. Urgently implementing permanent reforms, including extending temporary measures retroactively, broadening eligibility criteria, and enhancing financial support, ensures immediate relief and long-term sustainability. These reforms address diverse needs, promote inclusivity, and fortify the EI system against future uncertainties, creating a robust safety net for workers.

Anti-scab legislation a major win for workers: Unifor

Ottawa—Today marks a significant victory for Canadian workers as new federal anti-scab legislation ensures workers’ right to strike without the threat of employers using scab labour to needlessly extend labour disputes or attempt to starve workers out.

Unifor reaches tentative agreement with Suncor

The national bargaining committee for Unifor's energy and chemical bargaining program pattern negotiations with Suncor has reported positive developments in recent meetings with the company. 

A tentative agreement has been signed with Suncor. The deal now goes for review by the program’s advisory committee. Local unions and bargaining units participating in the program will send delegates to vote at a ratification conference on November 13, 2023.