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Personal Support Worker Day

May 19, 2018 - 12:00 AM

On May 19, Personal Support Workers day is recognized in Ontario and we celebrate and thank all Unifor members who are employed as personal support workers for the dedication to providing quality patient care in hospitals, long-term care and home care sectors. The dedication of this day, first declared by the Ontario government in 2010, was enacted as a measure of appreciation for the essential role that PSWs have in the healthcare system.

In Ontario, Unifor represents approximately 26,000 health care workers, 9,000 of whom work in long term care. Among Unifor’s broader membership and the thousands of Unifor retirees who are active, many members have direct experiences with long-term care through their own families.

Recognizing Personal Support Worker Day is an opportunity to thank these workers for their life-sustaining work and to renew our commitment towards safer workplaces with steady employment and to lobby for better working standards for personal support workers.

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