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News Content of Sector Health Care

November 3 - 8:15 PM EDT
Unifor delegates from across British Columbia gathered in Richmond on Friday....
November 3 - 1:30 PM EDT
The Time to Care Act has reached an important milestone, passing second reading on November 2, receiving all-party support in the legislature.
November 1 - 9:30 AM EDT
Paramedics in Sault Ste. Marie have voted in favour of a strike by 93 per cent.
October 14 - 11:45 AM EDT
Unifor members joined workers from several Nova Scotia unions Saturday at a march...
October 12 - 5:45 PM EDT
After 22 days of negotiations, multiple pieces of Liberal legislation attacking workers’ rights....
October 4 - 5:15 PM EDT
Halifax - The Nova Scotia government has sent the entire Bill 148 for review...
September 8 - 4:30 PM EDT
The role of retirees in the union is growing, and vital to the union;s work, Unifor’s annual Retired Workers Council heard
September 6 - 8:45 PM EDT
Unions in Nova Scotia announced a plan to defend members’ rights through applications for party status in the ongoing Bill 148 legal review.
June 23 - 12:00 PM EDT
On June 5, the Ontario government announced three substantial changes to the way emergency medical services ...
June 22 - 10:15 AM EDT
Unifor’s national health care conference brought together the largest group of health care workers ever...