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New member booklet

New member booklet

Energy Sector Profile

Facts and figures from the energy sector...

Government Benefits 2016

Government Benefits 2016

Equity calendar list 2018

2018 Equity calendar list

All In! Organizing Campaign Toolkit

Organizing is a challenging, long-term, exhilarating and incredibly rewarding process, both for the workers involved, their new local union and for the national union who welcomes new members. Everyone has an important role to play in exposing non-union workers to the benefits of engaging in the process of joining the union. Whether you are a rank and file member, elected leader, or staff, there’s something you can do. The All In! Campaign is meant to encourage everyone to play an active and helpful role in organizing new members and to give you tools and ideas to do so.

Rhetoric and Reality: Evaluating Canada’s Economic Record Under the Harper Government

It is commonly asserted that federal Conservatives have the strongest “economic credentials” among the major political parties. And the Harper government will likely emphasize economic issues in its quest for re-election this fall...

Riding the Roller coaster: What lower oil prices mean for Canada's Economy

Canada’s economy has been thrown into turmoil by the dramatic decline in oil prices over the last six months. World crude prices have plunged by half: from around $100 (US) per barrel in summer 2014, to around $50 today. Worse yet, Canada’s oil output receives an even lower price: our unprocessed heavy oil exports sell for only about $35 barrel in the U.S. market (because of its lower quality and a regional supply glut)...

In-Province Upgrading Economics of a Greenfield Oil Sands Refinery

The report, entitled “Upgrading Our Future: The Economics of In-Province Upgrading,” was released on Monday, Oct. 6, at an event featuring Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan; representatives of two separate companies with proposals to build refineries in Ontario and BC; and the report’s author, Ed Osterwald, an internationally recognized energy expert and senior partner with UK-based Competition Economists Group (CEG).

Unifor Written Argument for National Energy Board re: Trans Mountain Tariff Amendment

Unifor's submission to the National Energy Board hearings on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline tariff amendments. In this filing, Unifor argues that the current system of bidding for oil product disadvantages the Chevron refinery in Burnaby, BC.

Managing Canada's Resource Wealth in the Interests of Canadians and the Environment

This document outlines Unifor's balanced approach to natural resource management and development. It reviews the principles of stability, sustainability, respect for First Nations' rights, adding value in Canada, transition adjustment, macroeconomic regulation, sharing the gains, and regulating foreign ownership.