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Canada and the World (PCW)


5 Days

In today’s world, where trade deals and global competition have workers struggling to maintain their rights, solidarity is more important than ever.  This course will reflect on our connections to workers around the world and look at some alternatives to the environmental, political and social problems we face.

As the week unfolds we will examine the roles played by corporations, government, the mass media, workers and consumers in this system of global capitalism.  We’ll look at the extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal of products we use, and we'll look at the changing nature of public services.  We'll compare how workers in Canada and workers elsewhere in the world are responding to global capitalism, and we'll look at ways we can work together.  Participants will have a chance to practice bringing a current international campaign to the local union and our community.

Join us as we sharpen our analysis, learn more about the world of work and workers, and develop our confidence to change the course of global capitalism.