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Building Activism in our Workplace, Union & Community

5 Days

Sign up for this course and help mobilize, motivate, inspire and re-energize yourself as an activist.  Working people have changed our workplaces, our communities and world through activism.  Activism involves educating, mobilizing, organizing, listening and learning from our neighbours, co-workers and family members to challenge the powers that be, in order to create a world of democracy and social justice.

This course will touch upon a number of components of what it means to be an activist:  the lessons of past and current workers’ struggles in Canada and around the world.  We’ll practice actions, music and arts as a means for social change; public speaking, using social media and organizing meetings; practical tools and strategies; as well as purposes and methods of organizing to make change.

Don’t see this course in your region?

For one-day and three-day courses, you can make a local union request by contacting the Education Department at or 416-718-8489. Please note that one-week courses only take place at our Unifor Education Centre in Port Elgin, ON.

For more courses in the Quebec region, please visit or contact the Education Department in Quebec at or 514-389-9223