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April 22 - 8:00 PM EDT
Unifor joins Sri Lankans in their grief as they mourn the 290 people who were killed in multiple explosions on Sunday.
April 9 - 2:00 PM EDT
The Unifor Social Justice Fund (SJF) is working to improve the lives of children with its support of Transforming Faces and Beautiful World...
April 3 - 10:00 AM EDT
GlobalMedic, a Canadian charity founded by paramedics, has mobilized a Rapid Response Team to provide clean drinking water and Family Emergency Kits..
February 20 - 9:30 AM EST
On February 20, the World Day of Social Justice is observed around the globe. The 2019 theme chosen by the United Nations is If You Want Peace...
November 9 - 1:00 PM EST
The Unifor Social Justice Fund has donated $27,397 to the Canadian Red Cross to aid Typhoon Mangkhut relief efforts in the Philippines.
September 4 - 3:45 PM EDT
Unifor is proud to sponsor the Guy ana Agricultural & General Workers Union (GAWU) "Sugar Too Big to Fail" Conference.
March 28 - 5:00 PM EDT
A Unifor hosted roundtable brought Mexican labour leaders together with Canada’s Chief NAFTA negotiator Steve Verheul to share their experiences.
March 16 - 10:45 AM EDT
Unifor is committed to ending gender-based violence and working with partners around the world to reach that goal
March 3 - 7:15 PM EST
In a show of trilateral solidarity unions from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada meet in Mexico to share strategies on raising NAFTA labour conditions.
February 28 - 2:30 PM EST
An international spotlight was shone on the slaughter of the Rohingya people as human rights activists...