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Unifor for Honda Workers

The organizing campaign at Honda is driven by Honda workers who want to build secure futures for their families and stronger, more prosperous communities.

Honda workers are leading the campaign together, with help from Unifor members and organizers.

You’re invited!  See updates for upcoming Unifor events near you

Hundreds of your co-workers have already signed a Unifor membership card, and more are coming in every day. They, too, want to share in Honda’s success and a voice in the workplace. They are proud to be at Honda, and know that uniting through Unifor will give them a way to work with the company to build on Honda’s successes.

If you haven’t already, sign a union card today to show your support for joining Unifor. And then we can start the work of making Honda an even better place to work and our communities better places to live.

Get in touch! Talk to an organizer! All calls are confidential.

Danny McBride  416-702-2593 or

Billy O'Neill 416-605-1443 or