Bill 124 quashed the wages and bargaining rights of public sector workers for two years in Ontario. 

With provincial carve-outs for sectors like police and fire, women are left to bear the brunt of the law in education, healthcare, and across the broader public service. 

Workers have fought back against this wage suppression through direct action, lobbying, sharing personal experiences, and now finally, with our day in court.

Premier Ford’s wage restraint law, Bill 124, forced a 1% total compensation cap across the public sector in Ontario, including unionized and non-unionized workers. Many of the workers covered by this regressive legislation were at great personal risk and still carried us through the worst of the pandemic.

The law is being challenged in court, but Premier Ford can repeal the law, and apologize to workers, at any time. 

Tell the Ontario Government to Repeal Bill 124 now. 

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