Human Rights

Breaking the News: Media Workers Under Attack

What is the Problem? All workers – including journalists and media workers – have a fundamental right to work and live free from harassment and abuse. However, the day to day reality for journalists...
Human Rights

Unifor raises more than $70K for “One Night” for homeless prevention programs

They huddled in sleeping bags in the back of their cars and set up tents in parking lots in locations across Canada in a show of solidarity to tackle homelessness.

Unifor locals, members and staff participated in Raising the Roof’s “One Night” event on Feb. 7, 2023 to raise awareness and money for the organization’s homelessness prevention programs. Unifor's fundraising efforts reached over $70,000, contributing approximately half of the $142,261 total raised nation-wide at One Night events. 

Unifor 2023 Pride Conference

Save the date: Unifor’s 2023 Pride Conference will take place on April 28-30 of this year!

Profit Doesn’t Care: Unifor rallies during federal funding negotiations

Workers rallied on Parliament Hill while Premiers and Prime Minister Trudeau negotiated a new health care funding deal for provinces and territories.

Ahead of the February 7th action, Unifor launched a petition to send a message to provincial and federal decision-makers to protect the future of public health care in the deal.

The event brought together union workers and health care advocates from across the country to demand that people are put ahead of profits.

Unifor Black History Month Statement 2023

As Unifor recognizes Black History Month, in 2023, our focus is empowering the next generation of Black youth.

As we reflect on Black history, Black accomplishments and the contributions of the many Black communities here in Canada and globally, we also reaffirm the collective work and collective responsibility we all have to continue to advocate to end Anti-Black racism in all institutions and society. We owe it to future generations. 

Unifor’s statement on Human Rights Day 2022

Dignity, freedom and justice for all. 

On December 10, Unifor joins with members, locals, activists and progressives across the globe to celebrate the 75th year of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Following the atrocities of the Second World War, there was collective recognition of the need to build a shared foundation that supported justice, dignity, peace and freedom for every human being. This basic and bold idea reflected our highest aspiration – to create a universally-agreed upon set of rights to which all people should be entitled.