Human Rights

Racial Justice Forums build a toolkit for tackling racism in workplaces

In order to make change with racial justice, you need not only one voice – but many, from all walks of life.

Unifor, committed to uniting, learning and supporting each other to build a truly anti-racist labour movement and world, has been actively finding solutions on how to make that a reality.

“Kill the Indian in the child”: webinar examines realities of residential schools

Dozens of Unifor members participated in the webinar “Indian Residential Schools - Effects & Impacts” on September 14, 2021, the tenth in Unifor’s Turtle Island Series.

“Kill the Indian in the Child,” was the goal of the schools said respected Indigenous leader Eva Wilson-Fontaine, who led the discussion along with emcee Gina Smoke, Unifor’s Indigenous Liaison. The 90-minute event provided an unvarnished review of the goals and practices of Canada’s state-sponsored residential school system and the lasting impacts on Indigenous communities today.

Policy on gender equality

In the 1960s Unifor women were part of the struggle that brought an end to the employer’s legal right to discriminate based on sex. This battle, waged in Ontario, was one of many that feminists, women...
Human Rights

Policy on Human rights, Workers' rights

Trade unionists believe in human rights and workers’ rights for all, not just for some. We believe that across this wide world each human life is of equal value. We believe that decent jobs, a steady...
Human Rights

Unifor Racial Justice forums kick off next week

Unifor is hosting seven online forums beginning next week that will shine a spotlight on racial justice in the workplace over the next month.

The sessions – kicking off Sept. 16, 2021 in the Atlantic region – will bring together union leadership, activists, employers and community organizations to brainstorm new ideas, tools, strategies and policies for racial justice, whether in union locals, workplaces and communities.

How to buy orange T-shirts

The outpouring of grief and support from Unifor members following the discovery of a mass grave at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential