Pandemic may set women back, but the struggle moves forward

This column originally appeared in the Globe and Mail

The pandemic has demolished many conventional wisdoms when it comes to our economy, equality and work – especially essential work, so much of which is done by women.

Where would we be without the labour of women this past year? And yet as critical as that labour has been to the well-being of the country, we are still fighting for respect and fair pay.

As pandemic rages, it’s time to fix EI for good

This past year, workers experienced unemployment on a scale never before seen in Canada. At its first wave peak in June 2020, some 2.7 million workers in this country had no job. The magnitude of these losses effectively paralyzed the Employment Insurance system, requiring alternative means of income support via the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

International Women's Day

Unifor women will come together on International Women’s Day to recognize a difficult year, celebrate our persistence and the incredible activism.