Big Reset Leaves Oil Workers in a Lurch, Just Transition Can Move them Forward

What does it mean to love Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil workers in a time of climate crisis and global energy transformations? The answer: supporting a just transition.

This is a “code red” moment for humanity as the consequences of the climate crisis unfold around the world and here at home. If nothing is done, people will suffer in myriad ways, including the careers of oil and gas workers.

From Earth Day to May Day

As organizations, we understand that the time to fight for immediate and bold climate action is now, but that the needed economic transition will not

Helping workers means more than money for severance and tuition

Today is a heartbreaking day for forestry workers in Nova Scotia and a shameful reminder of the disregard Premier Stephen McNeil has for working people.

A skeleton crew will stay at Northern Pulp until April 21 to winterize the facility. The rest of the 230 Unifor members at Northern Pulp walked through the mill’s gates for the last time today, leaving behind long-held careers, the certainty of good family-supporting jobs in their hometown, and the promise of a dignified retirement with a good union pension.

Support the Global Climate Strikes

Delegates at our Constitutional Convention in August unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the Global Climate Week of Action taking place...