On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day

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Earth from space

This is a day to reflect on the importance of our environment and the clear connection that it shares in the life long health of all of us and our families.  As well, we recognize how social activism and overall concern for a safe environment will ensure our victory over the threat of the COVID-19 virus and all other global health challenges to the human race in today’s overstressed environment.

As the largest private sector union in Canada, many Unifor members are on the frontlines of the challenge posed by climate change, whether in the form of direct risks to their health and safety or potential threats to job security posed by climate policies that aim to decarbonize the Canadian economy. 

Unions have a proud history of organizing workplaces to improve working conditions. With climate risks increasingly impacting our workplaces, it’s time to get organized and advocate for workplaces that are sustainable, safer and part of the solution to global warming, while preparing ourselves for the transition to a decarbonized economy. 

Unifor has begun the work to launch a National Climate Task Force to expand the conversation about climate change, climate-proofing our workplaces, and decarbonization policy initiatives at work.    

We are committed to making existing jobs more environmentally sustainable, while simultaneously advocating to create more good-paying, full-time, safe and healthy green jobs in all sectors of society. 

Our members demand we protect their jobs and income.  Unifor will be fully engaged in all aspects of Just Transition as the country and the world move to a carbon neutral economy.

Today we celebrate the environment that sustains all life on our planet – Happy Earth Day!