Bombardier strike continues after Unifor rejects company’s final offer

During yesterday’s negotiations with Bombardier, the company presented a final offer to the union. The bargaining committees reviewed the proposal, deemed it insufficient and ultimately rejected the final offer. 

As a result, the strike at the Bombardier facility will continue.

Both parties remain apart on key union priorities. However, specific details of the negotiations will not be made public to protect the integrity of the bargaining process. 

Unifor Local 112 and 673 members at Bombardier on strike

Today, 1,350 Unifor Local 112 and 673 members at Bombardier are on strike after the union and company did not reach an agreement by an 11:59 p.m. strike deadline on Saturday.

The union’s bargaining committee members are working towards an agreement and both parties remain committed to continuing the bargaining process.

Negotiations between Unifor and Bombardier continued throughout last night and into late this morning. Both parties agreed to resume negotiations early tomorrow morning.

Further updates will be provided to Unifor members as the situation develops.

Unifor holds rally for MDA Space workers on strike

BRAMPTON—Workers and community supporters rallied today at the MDA Space headquarters in Brampton, Ontario where workers have been on strike for the past five weeks, fighting for a fair contract. 

MDA Space workers on strike


Watch Unifor aeropsace members outline the stakes in the ongoing strike at MDA Space and their fight for a fair contract.

Unifor disappointed following federal government’s decision on CMMA

As the union representing thousands of workers in Canada’s aerospace industry, Unifor is hopeful the contract to replace Canada’s patrol aircraft will result in good paying aerospace jobs for Canadians, but is also disappointed with the decision of the federal government to proceed without a public request for tenders.

“Canada’s aerospace industry and its highly-skilled workforce have much to offer, and we will continue to advocate for a comprehensive industrial strategy that builds up this important sector in Quebec and Canada,” said National President Lana Payne.

IMP Aerospace members ratify new collective agreement

HALIFAX-Unifor Local 2215 members working at IMP Aerospace in Hammonds Plains and Enfield, Nova Scotia, ratified a new collective agreement that sees increases to base wage rates, shift premiums, allowances, and improved paid time off.

“Members at IMP Aerospace were engaged and active throughout this bargaining process and that is vital to winning a better agreement,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “I congratulate the bargaining committee for their hard work and send my respect to every member for their solidarity."