New pension and LTD plans in Northern Transformer deal

Workers at Northern Transformer in Vaughan, Ont. voted to ratify a new four-year agreement with the company on March 25, 2023.

“This is a great deal, especially since we have an aging workforce who both require a pension plan and long-term disability they can count on,” said Eamonn Clarke, President of Local 252.

“We have tried for years to get a pension plan in place and now we have it. Bargaining an extra sick day is also great news for our members, all this along with securing an almost 16% increase over the four years makes this the best contract so far.”

Ontario budget delivers investments, now must deliver on better jobs and stronger health care

TORONTO- Infrastructure, industry and health care investments are welcome in the Ontario budget, but government needs to take the next step and translate spending into good jobs and a stronger public health care system, including workforce development strategies.

"The Ontario government has put much needed money on the table - now they have to finish the job by ensuring that the work is done here in Ontario by Ontario workers. If we are going to build the transit of the future, let’s build it in Ontario,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President.

Gesco workers get 11% wage bump in first year of new contract

Unifor Local 462 members reached a three-year deal with Gesco Limited Partnership in Brampton, Ont.

“The members were seeking to increase wages and ensure job protection due to market conditions,” said Andrew Kellman, the president of Local 462. “Members overwhelmingly voted for this agreement and appreciated the hard work that Unit Chair Larry McIntyre and bargaining committee members Jason Gardner and Val McGraw put into getting them wage bumps.”

Unifor welcomes financing support for New Flyer

Unifor welcomes the announcement of financing support for NFI Group, the parent company of New Flyer, from the Government of Manitoba and Export Development Canada. 

“Our hard working and highly skilled members at the New Flyer bus assembly plant have endured a tough period due to the pandemic and supply chain issues,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “With solid financial footing our members now stand ready to continue to build the transit of the future.” 

New agreement at Port Hawkesbury Paper the first in 10 years

Workers at Port Hawkesbury Paper have signed their first agreement in 10 years, making long-overdue gains for members of Local 972.

“I want to thank the bargaining committee for all of their hard work. We are very happy for our members at Port Hawkesbury Paper who have waited so long to see well-deserved wage increases,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “This group will now be aligned with the timing of negotiations across the Eastern pulp and paper Locals and we hope to see members of Local 972 benefit from future pattern negotiations.”

Better wages at centre of new deal for Unifor members at Carpenter Canada

Unifor Local 252 has ratified a new three-year deal with Carpenter Canada Ltd. in Vaughan, Ont.

“Congratulations to the bargaining team for negotiating well-deserved wage increases for Carpenter Canada members,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “We all know inflation is impacting workers today and the team took that into consideration as they fought for better wages for Unifor members.”

The new contract begins Jan. 1, 2023 to Dec. 31, 2025. It was ratified on Nov. 26 at 74%.

Rothsay-Darling ratifies new four-year agreement

Congratulations to the bargaining team of Unifor Local 39-X on the ratification of a four-year agreement with Rothsay-Darling, after a round of tough negotiations. The new contract – hard fought for by the union – will enhance the 92-member unit’s wages and benefits and includes language that improves the day-to-day operation of the workplace moving forward. The members work at the Rothsay-Darling plant in Moorefield, Ont., which provides rendering, recycling and recovery solutions to Canada’s food industry. 

Unifor reaches first tentative deal with Saputo

Unifor has reached a tentative three-year agreement with Saputo Dairy Products after a six-month period of negotiations.

“Congratulations to the bargaining team to stand firm on negotiating the best collective agreement for new members,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “The first contract always sets a standard and this deal addresses the needs and concerns of our members.”

Cabot Manufacturing members in Nova Scotia sign first collective agreement

With the ratification of their very first collective agreement, workers at Cabot Manufacturing in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia are looking forward to a more reasonable pay structure and greater health and safety measures.

“The group at Cabot Manufacturing is a great example of the recent resurgence in workers unionizing to better protect and enforce their rights at work,” said Jennifer Murray, Unifor Atlantic Regional Director. “I send my congratulations to the bargaining committee for the strong work in achieving this solid first agreement.”

The scorned of MABE regroup to mark the 8th anniversary of the bankruptcy of their ex-employer

MABE retirees, or MABE scorned as they like to be called, gathered in front of the former MABE plant in Montreal on August 25 to mark the sad anniversary of their former employer's bankruptcy. Locals from the greater Montreal area also joined to show them that they are not alone in their fight and that their Unifor family is behind them.

Retirees and active employees lost the equivalent of 22% of their pension as well as the protection of group insurance and life insurance due to the bankruptcy in August 2014.