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Claim Principles

Types of Benefits:   Employment Insurance benefits -

Filing a claim for benefits:   EI regular benefits: Apply -

Documents required to support your application:   EI regular benefits: Apply -  Go to:  Before starting your claim

Record of Employment:   EI regular benefits: Apply -  Go to:  Provide supporting documentation

What to expect after filing a claim:   EI Regular Benefits - After you apply -

Interruption of Earnings:

Rights and Responsibilities:   EI Regular Benefits - While on EI -

Qualifying Period/Extension of the Qualifying Period/Insurable Hours required to qualify:  EI Regular Benefits - Do you qualify -  Go to:  You Need at least 420 hours of insurable employment to qualify for EI

Variable Entrance Requirement: Employment Insurance Act (   Go to:  EIA 7(2)

Commencement Date of Claim/Antedates/Benefit Period/Extension of the Benefit Period/Terminating & Cancelling a Claim:   Employment Insurance Act (   Go to:  EIA 10(1) – (10)  

Benefit Rate:   EI Regular Benefits - How much could you receive -

Maximum Entitlement Weeks:

Waiting Period:  EI Regular Benefits - After you apply -   Go to:  When Payments Start – Waiting Period

Earnings:   Employment Insurance (EI) and the various types of earnings - and 

                    Employment Insurance (EI) earnings Chart -

Allocation of Lump Sum Payments:

Working While on Claim:   Employment Insurance – Working While on Claim -

Availability:    EI Regular Benefits - While on EI -

Benefit Repayment:  Line 23500 – Social benefits repayment: Employment insurance (EI) benefits repayment -

Protecting the Integrity of the Fund

Overpayments:   Employment Insurance (EI) and overpayments -

Penalties:  EI Regular Benefits - While on EI -  Go to:  You may be penalized if you make a false statement

Violations:   EI Regular Benefits - While on EI -  and  Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 18 - Section 5 -   See:  18.5.10

Increased Entrant Requirements Table:   Employment Insurance Act (    Go to:  EIA 7.1(1) 

When you Disagree with a Decision on your Claim

Requesting Reconsideration:   EI Reconsideration -

Request for Reconsideration Form:   Form Detail (

Appealing to the Social Security Tribunal (SST):   Home | Social Security Tribunal of Canada (

How Can I Support My Members?

Making enquiries on behalf of your members:  EI Reconsideration -  Go to:  You can authorize another person to access information

Programs, Initiatives & Legislative Changes

Work-sharing:   Work-Sharing agreement - Overview -

Workforce Reduction Process:   Work force reduction program due to downsizing -

Income Support for Parents of Young Victims of Crime:   Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime Brochure -

End of Budget 2021 Temporary Measures:  EI Regular Benefits - What these benefits offer -  Go to:  End of temporary changes

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