Joint Return to Work Committee - Sample Language

Article XX.X
Joint Return to Work Committee 
X.1 The parties agree to establish a joint Return To Work Committee, comprised of not more than three (3) representatives of the Union and three (3) representatives of the Employer to discuss modified return to work programs for employees returning to work from illness, injury or other related reason. 
X.2 The Employer agrees to make every reasonable effort to provide suitable modified duties to any employee who is unable to perform normal (pre-injury) duties as a consequence of illness or injury. 
X.3 The Union agrees to counsel its members of the benefits of returning to work through a modified work program.
X.4 The parties agree to develop a framework to guide the return to work process that enables a well-defined, properly resourced and dignified return-to-work protocol for each individual worker. Such a framework shall include a process of appeal, available to the member.
Note to Local Union Committees: Unifor’s Health and Safety Department has prepared a sample framework for local unions to consult and implement as a part of this process. For more information, please contact @email